love these plates and bowls by marrianne starck (1931 – ) of michael andersen and son, denmark

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MARIANNE STARCK – Born in Germany, she studied at the Joachim Thoms pottery in Holstein Germany and studied graphic art in Hamburg at Landeskunstschule.
She moved to the island of Bornholm (off the east coast of Denmark, south of Sweden in the Baltic sea) and worked as the art director of Michael Andersen and Son Pottery from 1955 to 1993. The factory was founded by Jens Michael Andersen in the 1890s. His four sons also worked as potters and eventually took over the business.

Starck’s pieces are usually signed MS along with the Michael Andersen logo – a triangle shield with 3 herring – which is the coat of arms of the town of Rønne, Bornholm where the factory is located.
The glaze used on these pieces is done in the “Persia Technique” which creates a crackled glaze with a mosaic-like pattern. This technique was developed in the 1930s by Daniel Andersen (the oldest son of Jens Michael Andersen). The technique received the gold medal at the World Exhibition in Brussels.