texile designer jack lenor larsen has long been one of my favorite designer/craftsmen

his weaving and design work, his homes, his amazing collections of ethnic artwork, ceramics and handmade objects – pretty much everything – is inspiring

these photos below are by david frazier from an article entitled “sleight of hand” which i clipped years ago (unfortunately i don’t know what publication it is from – guessing elle decor)

they are of his 1700 square foot new york loft which he designed for flexible living and for storage – pretty ingenious

Larson 1
the walls of the corridor do not reach the ceiling which allows light to filter in from the skylights

Larson 2
the walls are lined with shelves and covered with sliding japanese style fusuma screens – they hide his collection of 2500 art objects so he can easily changing what is on display

Larson 2a

Larson 3

Larson 4

Larson 5
the tablecloth and curtain textiles in his dining area are of his design

Larson 6
asian contemporary and antique ceramics

Larson 7
the bedroom area is raised on a platform providing storage underneath

the shoji screens are made from another larsen fabric – their transparent nature also helps to make the space seem brighter and larger when open – a great solution for a small space

Larson 8

Larson-9 Floorplan
floorplan – i wish it was labelled because i can’t tell where the kitchen is located

more information on jack lenor larsen here (the minneapolis institute of arts – larsen: a living archive)
and here at the longhouse reserve (the east hampton house that larsen built that is now a non profit educational facility)
and his fabrics can be purchased here