Larson collection Lucie Rie
dame lucy rie – tall form, 1976 (thrown porcelain, sgraffito)

Larson porcelain and nylon
bradley miller – porcelain sphere #2 1996 (tumbled porcelain, nylon)

Larson 4

Alec Ebuzziya Siesbye Vase 2001 Soneware coiled
alev ebuzziya siesbye (turkish) vase, 2001 (stoneware, coiled, glazed)

Rudy Autio - Drum Lummond Ladies and Lippizano Stoneware
rudy autio – 1983, (stoneware, hand-built, glazed)

Marc Leuthold Porcelain carved 1997 Disk #164
marc leuthold – disk #164, 1997 (porcelain, carved)

Ursula Morley Price White Fan #203 1990 Stoneware
ursula morley price – white fan #203, 1990 (stoneware, hand-built)

Larson collection wicker
john mcqueen – basket c 1977 (wood – splayed, interlaced)

Larsen Korean textile
chunghi lee (korean) fabric assemblage 1999 (raw hemp, cloth, stitched)

unknown artist tutsi people, burunda – milk jug, 1990 (hardwood, turned, honed)

(photos above are from the books: jack lenor larsen, creator and collector and: jack lenor larsen: a weaver’s memoir – which i have scanned).