stylist/photographer, anita calero is a master of the still life. her collection of furniture and art was recently sold at christies – photos of the objects were taken in her apartment – (source of 2-6: the new york times)

1. detail from calero’s loft from loft life magazine

2. an irving Penn photograph, a length of japanese mosquito netting, a fish skeleton and a wall light by charlotte perriand are arranged in the foreground. in the distance, a perriand table holds a ceramic urn topped by a potted orchid; on the wall are an 18th-century portrait, another perriand light and a portable blackboard.

3. a detail of a long shelf in calero’s apartment shows some of her collection of midcentury swedish pottery. on the bench below it are an anonymous landscape painting, a james brown drawing and a robert rauschenberg lithograph.

4. a painting by james brown from the 1980s hangs above a table made by mira nakashima, the daughter of george nakashima. the sculptural piece of wood on the table is a scrap from the elder nakashima’s studio. the glass sculpture on the table is by the contemporary artist ritsue mishima.

5. the kitchen in calero’s chelsea apartment looked distinctly un-kitchen-like, with its table and chairs by jean prouvé, a faux-coral chandelier, a porcelain candlestick by ted muehling and a photograph by greg cutler.

6. calero turned a prouvé wardrobe into a stereo cabinet and outfitted it with drawers for cd’s. the bamboo trellis atop the cabinet is by katsuya nishimori for florisity

photos by gemma commas, text: pilar viladas