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painter james lechay (1907-2001) was born in new york city and grew up in the bronx – the son of russian immigrants. he left to earn a degree from the university of illinois and then returned to nyc in 1929, where he painted under the tutelage of his elder brother myron. after working as a struggling artist for many years, lechay left to teach at the university of iowa where he stayed until he retired to wellfleet, ma in 1971. (see my next post on his cape cod house built by hayden walling).
primarily a figurative artist, many of his paintings feature his family, including his wife rose (top painting). his work has been exhibited alongside mark rothko, willem de kooning and helen frankenthaler among others.

more information on his early life can be found in the smithsonian’s american artist archives which includes an oral history of his childhood in the bronx
and on this blog site: yellowfishliving