dovessss linen damask “pigeons” tapestry – here

pigeon dora pigeon tapestry – here

pigeons – linen, damask, 1973 – here

kyyhkysiä (doves) woven silk linen tapestry , ca. 1951 – here

Kirkkonummen kirkko
detail of white dove here

dora jung (1906-1980), a textile artist from helsinki, finland, attended the helsinki school of arts and crafts and upon graduating, opened her own workshop “dora jung textile.” she was best known for her linen damask textiles (using a technique she developed) featuring abstract nature motifs – like these pigeons tapestries above.
she won numerous awards for her work and designed pieces for the finish government (finlandia hall) and for the linen manufacturer oy tampell ab. more information on here here and here