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ny loft of jack lenor larsen – american craft 1980



whole rev

textile designer jack lenor larsen’s new york apartment from the book: ethnic interiors, 1992 by dinah hall. photos by james merrell

i’ve posted his house and collection in the past here and here — still my favorite.


living room of jack lenor larsen’s new york apartment – from pinterest

Larson collection Lucie Rie
dame lucy rie – tall form, 1976 (thrown porcelain, sgraffito)

Larson porcelain and nylon
bradley miller – porcelain sphere #2 1996 (tumbled porcelain, nylon)

Larson 4

Alec Ebuzziya Siesbye Vase 2001 Soneware coiled
alev ebuzziya siesbye (turkish) vase, 2001 (stoneware, coiled, glazed)

Rudy Autio - Drum Lummond Ladies and Lippizano Stoneware
rudy autio – 1983, (stoneware, hand-built, glazed)

Marc Leuthold Porcelain carved 1997 Disk #164
marc leuthold – disk #164, 1997 (porcelain, carved)

Ursula Morley Price White Fan #203 1990 Stoneware
ursula morley price – white fan #203, 1990 (stoneware, hand-built)

Larson collection wicker
john mcqueen – basket c 1977 (wood – splayed, interlaced)

Larsen Korean textile
chunghi lee (korean) fabric assemblage 1999 (raw hemp, cloth, stitched)

unknown artist tutsi people, burunda – milk jug, 1990 (hardwood, turned, honed)

(photos above are from the books: jack lenor larsen, creator and collector and: jack lenor larsen: a weaver’s memoir – which i have scanned).

textile designer jack lenor larsen’s east hampton longhouse

the design of longhouse was inspired by the ise shrine in japan (a shinto shrine located in ise – known as jingu) and is built on raised stilts

the house is not open to the public, though the gardens are

it is a pity because it would be amazing to see his collections of ethnic art and contemporary handcrafts (lucie rie, wharton esherik, ursula morely price, edward wormley, and dale chilhuly) not to mention larsen’s own textile work

Larson Ceramics in Long House


(photos above are from the books: jack lenor larsen, creator and collector and: jack lenor larsen: a weaver’s memoir – which i have scanned).

* * *

photos below are from architectureal digest, june 2003 – here







jack lenor larsen

more information here at the longhouse reserve which is now a non profit educational facility


Larson textiles
larsen fabric: painted plains – printed on tussah silk, (adobe home in santa fe)

Larson Fallingwater textiles
larsen fabrics in frank lloyd wright’s falliingwater

larsen fabrics in conversation pit of j irwin miller house designed by eero saarinen with interiors by alexander girard

Larson texture

sample back cover


here is an interview with jack lenor larsen from the late 70s/early 80s handmade in america: jack larsen

interviewer: barbaralee diamonstein-spielvogel – part of the diamonstein-spielvogel video archive in the duke university libraries

larsen fabrics available here

(photos above are from the books: jack lenor larsen, creator and collector and: jack lenor larsen: a weaver’s memoir – which i have scanned).

texile designer jack lenor larsen has long been one of my favorite designer/craftsmen

his weaving and design work, his homes, his amazing collections of ethnic artwork, ceramics and handmade objects – pretty much everything – is inspiring

these photos below are by david frazier from an article entitled “sleight of hand” which i clipped years ago (unfortunately i don’t know what publication it is from – guessing elle decor)

they are of his 1700 square foot new york loft which he designed for flexible living and for storage – pretty ingenious

Larson 1
the walls of the corridor do not reach the ceiling which allows light to filter in from the skylights

Larson 2
the walls are lined with shelves and covered with sliding japanese style fusuma screens – they hide his collection of 2500 art objects so he can easily changing what is on display

Larson 2a

Larson 3

Larson 4

Larson 5
the tablecloth and curtain textiles in his dining area are of his design

Larson 6
asian contemporary and antique ceramics

Larson 7
the bedroom area is raised on a platform providing storage underneath

the shoji screens are made from another larsen fabric – their transparent nature also helps to make the space seem brighter and larger when open – a great solution for a small space

Larson 8

Larson-9 Floorplan
floorplan – i wish it was labelled because i can’t tell where the kitchen is located

more information on jack lenor larsen here (the minneapolis institute of arts – larsen: a living archive)
and here at the longhouse reserve (the east hampton house that larsen built that is now a non profit educational facility)
and his fabrics can be purchased here

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